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Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen has worked as an artist since 1969 in a variety of art forms: paint, stoneware and porcelain clay, and metal.


Highlights of her career as an artist include:


  • UGA graduate with BFA degree in Drawing/Painting and minor in Aesthetics.

  • Taught art for 2 years in 1972 at Franklin County High School in Franklin County, GA

  • Returned to UGA in 1973 for major work in ceramics for 2 years. Instructors: Earl McCutcheon, Jerry Chappelle, Ron Meyer and Jerry Horning.

  • Production potter from 1975 - 2000

  • Owner Second Apple Studio

  • Began study of metalwork in 1996 with Barbara Mann through the Georgia Center for Continuing. Worked in the intermediate program until 2002 to learn basic metalwork skills.

  • Opened metalwork studio, Fanfare, at home in Watkinsville in 2002

  • Joined The Studio Group in Athens GA, a consortium of artists in varying media, in 2004

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