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About the Artists

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Anina Gerchick is a painter, a landscape architect, and an installation artist. Her most recent work is on the birdlink public art project, but oil painting is her original medium. With her classical painting techniques she paints portrait, landscape, still life and abstract works. 

Anina Gerchick CV

Stephen A. Scheer is a Photographer and a Professor of Art at the University of Georgia.

His work in photography is well known for its documentary approach to urban subjects such as architecture, 

infrastructure and landscape, particularly in New York. His awards include a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship

and a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship. His work has been exhibited and collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Full Press Release:

Artists are often asked to donate to auctions and fundraisers for worthy causes. Artists, Stephen Scheer and Anina Gerchick, while conducting an inventory of their own works, realized that they could offer works from their studios; paintings, and photographs, to help raise money for the dire humanitarian needs of people radically displaced by war in Ukraine and beyond. For this purpose, they are offering these artworks at a deep discount, relative to their normal prices. The sale will run online for the next month via and 75% of sales will benefit UnicefDoctors Without Borders and


Paintings by Anina Gerchick hail from several time periods and locations that have been collected in her Athens Georgia studio since 1993. You can see by looking through the portfolios on her painting website, , how her interests as a painter range from Portraits to  Landscape, from Reveries to abstract Transformations, BirdsFast Food still life, and expressionistic Improvisation. The paintings in this fundraiser come from across the board and were made in New York city, Athens Georgia, Vermont, and the Southwest.


The photographs by Stephen Scheer are selected from three bodies of work: The Maples- 1980s color works that study a tight knit community, Texas- 1980s, double-exposure landscapes done in Italy in the 1980s and a portrait with dangling umbrella that is part of the MOMA permanent collection. Framed black and white photos and photograms use instructional materials from Athens Georgia Montessori and Waseca Schools. There is also a black and white image from his recent New York City architectural series.


The sale will be live now through May 10th, with artwork pickup or shipping available through May 15th.

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